South African ENG III Security Systems Specialist Needed

Position: ENG III (Security/ Systems) from South Africa needed for UR project.

Qualifications: B.S. degree in Electronics & Communication or Telecommunication engineering  is recommended

Extra Certificates: Any approved certificate in the field of Securities and Systems Network Engineering.

Work experience : 5 years and above of work experience and Training, educational background, Technical and soft skills and represents a professional Personality

Key Work experience Criteria : Relevant experience in Oil and Gas Project Management Engineering is a must. You must also have experience in process industry specialization in the oil and gas sector, with technical expertise in design engineering of telecommunication, fiber optic networks, process automation networks, wireless telecommunications, security system etc.

You must also be familiar with Tetra radio communications, PABX, structured backbone cables, repeaters, communication towers, ISDN and ADSL internet systems, security and access controls. The capability to provide technical guidance on maintenance and installation works is necessary.

Location: Mainly Khobar but must be willing to move to remote area (Jafurah/ South Ghawar) based on business needs