3rd Conditional Conversation Questions

1) What would you have done this week if you had made more free time for yourself? Why?

2) What would you have done last year if you had earned more money? Why?

3) Think of a time when someone resolved a problem for you, what would you have done without their help?

4) Think of a time when you resolved someone’s problem, what would they have done without your help?

5) Where would you have been if you hadn’t decided to move to London?

6) If you hadn’t studied a little English, what situation do you think you would have been in?

7) What language would you have studied if English hadn’t been a priority?

8) If you hadn’t found a job, what would you have done to get money?

9) Where would you have lived if you hadn’t moved to where you are now?

10) How would you have travelled to England if you had discovered that you had a phobia?

11) Would you have bought the same shoes if they had been double the price?

12) Would you paid to study here if you had known the course was going to be so difficult?