ESLBAR (Employment Solutions and Learning) is a platform that was primarily set up to educate learners and educators all over the globe. We the decided to take things further to connect professionals from all over the world by offering a fair and ethical recruitment service.


Recruitment Services

We pride ourselves in providing an honest, ethical and moral recruitment service for all parties involved.

Our team of multilingual recruiters consists of former teachers, managers, I.T specialists and marketers.

We work seven days a week head hunting, screening, interviewing and doing background checks. Based in the U.K but connected worldwide with agents all over Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Americas.

Our databases are full of teachers, educators and other professionals, young and old, male and female, from all over the world who want to work for you.

We can communicate in English, Arabic and other common languages.

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Saudi Visa Services

We offer full Saudi Visa services for all types of visas and can deal with every part of the process from getting documents attested, medical certificates all the way up the the issuance of the visa.

Apply for a Saudi Employment Visa

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We also offer ONLINE TEACHER services: Read more