Interjections are words or expressions that are used to show how someone feels about something. They are used very commonly in informal English as slang words phrases, sounds and utterances that people can understand. They are mostly used in spoken English and less commonly used in formal writing.

Damn is used to express anger and astonishment and even pleasure.

Damn it! Damn! Did that really happen! Damn!That felt so good!

Woah is used to express amazement

Woah! Did you see that ?

Erm is used to show confusion or disagreement.

Erm, I’m not sure. Erm, no I don’t think so

Yahoo is used to express joy

Yahoo! It’s finally arrived.

Woohoo is used to express delight or joy.

Woohoo! I’ve won again.

Hooray is used to express delight, joy or victory.

Hooray! We are the champions!

We use words such as ouch to show pain that you feel or pain that you assume someone else may feel.

Ew, is used to express disgust

Ew he’s ugly.

Hmm is used to express disbelief or to uncertainty

Hmm, I wonder?

Ah is used to express relief or to show that you understand something

Ah, that feels good. Ah yes, I’m with you.

Sometimes interjections are expressed by repeating what you heard but in a different tone.

The following are examples in which interjections are used to show surprise.

He’s dead.

He’s dead!

We use exclamation marks to show strong feelings and emotions.

I got an A!

You got an A?

Adjectives are also used as interjections.



Bravo (brɑːˈvəʊ)