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Conjunctions are words that are used to connect two sentences or clauses together. They are used to help give more information about something, to connect two ideas, to give two opposing reasons, inform us about unexpected situations and to show the result of something.


Conjunctions are not usually used to begin sentences in formal writing. However, they are commonly used at the beginning of sentences in spoken English.

We use but to show an opposing or opposite idea.

I like chocolate but he doesn’t.


We use and to give extra information.

I like blue and black.


We use or to show that there is a choice.

You can have this or that.


We use because to give the reason for something or to explain why something happens/has happened.

I study English because it will help me to get a new job.


We use so to provide information about results or to give reasons.

You need to get up early so that you can get to school on time.


We use although to show something surprising or unexpected or to show that something is different.