CV Writing Tips

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Resume Writing Tips

1. Don’t ever lie about your work history.

2. It’s quite normal to have worked in an unrelated field to the field of work you are applying for or what you are qualified in paper to do. Just explain why.

3. Don’t try to cover up holes in your Cv just explain . It could be that you were ill or took time out to study.

4. Try to keep jobs in chronological order with the most recent first. Don’t rearrange the order to make your most relevant jobs to the job you are applying for stand out.

5. Avoid talking about your personal life and personal issues .

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6. Avoid photos unless you are requested to include one.

7. Add links to websites or blogs or anything that shows your skills or things that you do outside of work.

8. Have a Cv in regular text on standby.

9. Add plenty of key words and avoid lengthy paragraphs. Try to be specific to your skills .





10. If you are going to include a cover letter try to avoid using standardised ones. Try to tailor it specifically to the job that you are applying for or don’t bother adding one at all.

11. Provide references as they help to show that you are prepared.

12. Ensure that you correct your  grammar and punctuation. Check your pronouns too.