Past Perfect Guided

     The bomb      had exploded          before          the  police arrived

(+)Subject + had + verb 3 (p.p) + (time clause) + subject + v2………


(-) Subject + had + ______ +( time clause) +subject + v2…….


(?)_____ +subject + _______ + _________+ (                ) + subject+ v2…….


(-?)______+ _______+ ______+_________+ (time clause ) + subject + v2…….

Read and answer the following questions.

How many actions are there in the sentence?

Did one action happen before another? Which one?

Are these past, present or future events?

Are these events in the same tense? Yes/No

Are these events completed/ finished events?


Circle the best answer: The past perfect is used to express that one action happened before another action in the past/ that one action happens before another action in the future.

Mark on the line below where these events are in time:


          Past                                                          Present                                                                    Future


Look at these sentences below what do you notice? Explain.

A. The bomb exploded when the police arrived.

B. The bomb had exploded when the police arrived.


What happened next? Match the sentences above with logical answers below: A or B.

  • The police looked for evidence.
  • The police were too late.
  • Two police officers were hurt.
  • The police didn’t know there was a bomb there


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