Regular and Irregular verbs

Regular and Irregular verbs

Regular verbs are verbs that follow specific patterns of formation required to change verbs into the present and past tenses and to also form participles.

thank thanks thanked thanking thanked
look looks looked looking looked
lick licks licked licking licked
trick tricks tricked tricking tricked

Most regular verbs  only need an ‘s‘ to be added to the end of the verb to form the first person singular

take + s = takes  ⁄  travel + s = travels  ⁄   fight + s = fights

Some verbs end in vowels such as o. To form the first person singular , you need to add ‘es‘ to the end of the verb

ho + es = hoes  ⁄  go + es = goes


Some verbs end in a consonant plus a letter  ‘ y ‘. In this case the letter  ‘ y ‘ must be replaced with an ‘ i ‘  before adding  ‘ es ‘ to the word.

fly → fli  → flies   ⁄   try → tri  → tries      carry → carri  → carries

When verbs end in y but have a vowel before the ‘ y ‘  just add an s .

day + s = days     stay + s = stays


Irregular Verbs

Irregular verbs do not follow the standard rules and for this reason, they must be memorised. See below for a list of common irregular verbs.

be is was been being
become becomes became become becoming
begin brings brought brought bringing
bring breaks broke broken breaking
buy buys bought bought buying
catch catches caught caught catching
come comes came come coming
dig digs dug dug digging
do does did done doing
drink drinks drank drunk drinking
eat eats ate eaten eating
fall falls fell fallen falling
feel feels felt felt feeling
find finds found found finding
get gets got got getting
go goes went gone going
grow grows grew grown growing
have has had had having
hit hits hit hit hitting
keep keeps kept kept keeping
know knows knew known knowing
lay lays laid laid laying
lead leads led led leading
leave leaves left left leaving
lie lies lay lain lying
lose loses lost lost losing
make makes made made making
meet meets met met meeting
put puts put put putting
read reads read read reading
ride rides rode ridden riding
ring rings rang rung ringing
rise rises rose risen rising
run runs ran run running
say says said said saying
see sees saw seen seeing
sell sells sold sold selling
set sets set set setting
sing sings sang sung singing
sit sits sat sat sitting
stand stands stood stood standing
stick sticks stuck stuck sticking
take takes took taken taking
teach teaches taught taught teaching
think thinks thought thought thinking
understand understands understood understood understanding
uphold upholds upheld upheld upholding
upset upsets upset upset upsetting
wake wakes woke woken waking
wear wears wore wore wearing
weave weaves weaved / wove wove woven / weaved
wed weds wedded / wed wedded / wed N/A
win wins won won winning
wind winds wound wound winding
write writes written wrote writing