Sr. Environmental Coordinator

Plan, control, develop, and monitor conservation practices and ecological work within the Shaybah Wildlife Sanctuary (SWS) (637 km2) to ensure the protection, restoration, and well-being of the flora and fauna, including natural and captive breeding populations, as well as the general maintenance and upkeep of related facilities. Ensure that visitors to the sanctuary follow appropriate conservation practices while also delivering an informative and educational experience about the Rub al Khali  ecosystem and emphasizing Aramco’s involvement in maintaining this unique habitat.

– Establish and manage natural resource assessment and re-assessment (monitoring) programs. 

This must include vegetation, animal populations, and water resource assessments to establish carrying capacities and viable population numbers.

– In collaboration with the sanctuary manager, develop and implement programs to establish viable indigenous wildlife populations through re-introductions and breeding programs, with the  use of supplementary feeding programs, artificial waterholes and shelters, and veterinarian  assistance.

– Oversee all facets of animal health and husbandry, guaranteeing their optimal condition, and,  when required, provide authorized medical care for injured or ill animals. Keep the sanctuary  manager updated on all aspects of treatment provided to the animals.

– Plan, schedule, control, and regularly monitor the animal feeds, feeding schedules, and  nutritional requirements, making sure to maintain the necessary feeding levels for each animal  group. Maintain the correct and proper schedules at all times by keeping the conservation  manager informed and involved.

– Develop and implement exceptional experiences for visitors to the sanctuary, which include  company staff, families, and invited guests ranging from school students to VIP guests.

– Collaborate with the Aramco media teams to create content that promotes the sanctuary’s work  and biodiversity.

– In charge of maintaining and upholding road networks, irrigation waterlines, animal sheds,  shelters, perimeter fencing, and animal water holes, ensuring the uninterrupted provision of all  necessary facilities.

Maintain, monitor, and develop all landscaping and flora re-establishment programs. Regularly pursue seasonal watering programs, fertilizer distribution, and pruning to ensure maximum productivity. Implement and control environmental, clean-up, and vegetation restoration  programs.

– Work with the Sanctuary contractor to control staff administration by implementing efficient  rosters and leave plans, thereby optimizing manpower resources and ensuring a seamless operation. Assist the Conservation Manager in budget preparation for forecasting flora and  fauna maintenance expenses.

Qualifications & Experience


  • Degree or Honors (12+3 or equivalent)
  • Degree in Biology or Similar Experience in Ecology, Biological Sciences or Animal Nutrition with a
    minimum experience preferably in the conservation field, Game lodges or in-depth animal husbandry

  • Experience
  • 5+ Years

  • Knowledge/skills:
  • Ecological and environmental conditions of the desert.
  • Environmental assessment with regards to ecological zones, vegetation and sustainability.
  • Management of wildlife and captive breeding populations in their natural environment. Including animal feed and their nutritional value with regard to specific species.
  • Safety and security practices related to wildlife, their transportation and re-location

    I hereby declare that I meet all of the requirements in this application and that all of the information in my application is correct and accurate.