Eng I (Pipelines) Needed

Position: Eng I (Pipelines) from South Africa needed for UR project.

Qualifications: BS in Electrical Engineering (in the field of pipelines)

Extra Certificates: Any approved certificate in the field of Electrical Engineering

Work Experience: 5 years and above of related experience

5 years and above of related experience and training, educational background, technical and soft skills and a professional personality

Key Work experience Criteria : You must:

Perform pipeline engineering analysis, development, design, coordinate and control of assigned projects within any one of the recognized engineering fields.

Have training, knowledge and ability in your engineering specialty, a working knowledge of related engineering fields, and be able to apply codes and standards

Ensure to adherence to company procedures, specifications and guidelines.

Be able to communicate fluently in English

Location: Mainly Khobar but must be willing to move to remote area (Jafurah/ South Ghawar) based on business needs