Interview Location: Jeddah

Interview Date: 22nd – 25th April 2024

Work location: Saudi Arabia

Application Deadline: 20th February 2024

Qualifications: Diploma in Accounting, Finance, or equivalent

Extra Certificates: Any approved certificate in the field of finance will be preferable

Work Experience: 3 years and above of related experience in the Oil and Gas Industries.

Key Work experience Criteria :

  • 1. Assist in checking invoices against receiving documents.
    2. Assist in verifies legitimacy of invoices.
    3. Follow up a process of invoice both Internal and external.
    4. Archiving of Invoice data according to its categories.
    5. Able to find and spot the invoices which don’t have PO or the documents which doesn’t contain PO.
    6. Review all purchasing invoices and following with buyer, suppliers and finance department.
    7. Reconcile with goods receipt entered in the SAP system prior to invoice verification.
    8. Assist in verifying invoice against PO number, posting date, expiry of contract, billing amount, computation of Tax etc.
    9. Record all related documents, participate and provide relevant data as per the requirement of management.
    10. Perform other job-related duties as assigned by the Division Head.


    We respect that you are interested in this job, but we request that you do not apply unless you clearly meet the criteria.

    I hereby declare that I meet all of the requirements in this application and that all of the information in my application is correct and accurate.