Interview Location: Jeddah

Interview Date: 22nd – 25th April 2024

Work location: Saudi Arabia

Application Deadline: 20th February 2024

Qualifications: • Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering.

Extra Certificates: Desirable to be Professional Engineer (P.E.) or Chartered Engineer (C.Eng.).

Work Experience: 3 years and above of related experience in the Oil and Gas Industries.

Key Work experience Criteria :

  • You will be required to perform the following duties and responsibilities: 
    Provide day-to-day technical support to the Operation and Maintenance areas, to troubleshoot and fix 
    process equipment.
    Develop the engineering designs packages for the new installation and upgrade projects. 
    Review project proposals and detailed design packages for new facilities. 
    Participate in the testing and commissioning of the new facilities, and turnaround and inspection (T&I). 
    Update and maintain engineering documentation and drawings.
    Analyze system performance and find solutions for energy savings. 
    Ensure quality, cost-effective, and timely solutions to any upgrade. 
    Test and pilot new technologies. 
    Ensure full HSE Compliance.
    Report and analyze key performance indices. 
    Make recommendations for technical/economic optimization of existing facilities. 
    Lead feasibility/profitability studies for new facilities.
    Contribute to the business unit strategy.
    Assist in the training, development, and mentoring of younger staff. 
    Provide analysis, evaluation, and interpretation in support of projects, processes, and financing related 
    to Saudi Aramco capital investment decisions.
    Maintain and expand on contacts within the industry. 
    Regularly interact with other professionals in various company organizations involved in capital planning 
    and economic analysis.


    We respect that you are interested in this job, but we request that you do not apply unless you clearly meet the criteria.

    I hereby declare that I meet all of the requirements in this application and that all of the information in my application is correct and accurate.