Interview Location: Jeddah

Interview Date: 22nd – 25th April 2024

Work location: Saudi Arabia

Application Deadline: 20th February 2024


You must hold a Bachelor’s degree in engineering, preferably in mechanical, industrial or electrical engineer.

Extra Certificates: Any approved certificate in the field of Mechanical Engineering will be preferable

Work Experience: 3 years and above of related experience in Construction project management in Oil and Gas Industries.

Duties and responsibilities

Key Work experience Criteria :

• Provide expert advice and guidance in project planning, project execution, and/or project control.

• Resolve project management problems related to your area of expertise, including project planning deficiencies, project quality defects (in engineering, procurement, or construction), schedule slippages, and potential cost over runs.

• Work closely with project engineers and other project professionals to provide work direction and guidance.

• Develop and implement strategies to improve project planning, cost, schedule, and/or quality.

• Evaluate existing tools and methodologies in your area of expertise and make recommendations on your implementation at Saudi Aramco.

• Lead internal or external problem-solving teams as directed by the management.

• Conduct training courses in your area of expertise.

• Train and mentor engineers and other project management professionals.

• Conduct special studies in the field of Project Management.

• Participate in the development of standards, guidelines, instructions policies and procedures on an as-required basis.

• Participate in the reviews and evaluation of the capabilities of Engineering & Construction contractors, suppliers, and project management related service providers.


    We respect that you are interested in this job, but we request that you do not apply unless you clearly meet the criteria.

    I hereby declare that I meet all of the requirements in this application and that all of the information in my application is correct and accurate.