Interview Location : Cape Town

Interview Date: November 2023.

Position: Safety Engineer/Field Compliance Cord

Work Location: Saudi Arabia

Qualifications: BS degree in engineering, safety engineering, industrial hygiene, or environmental science, or in a related field is preferred.

Extra Certificates: Any approved certificate in the field of Electrical Engineering will be preferable

Selection Criteria : Minimum (9) years of related HSE safety/operational experience and/or training, preferably in the oil/gas or petrochemical industry, or in the industry related to the position placement

Specific Work Experience:

Must have related HSE experience in Project Management, must be familiar with conducting assessments, surveys, evaluate hazarads, conducts on-site inspections to audit physical conditions and safe work practices, Performs construction site and/or area safety inspections of department facilities and operations. Performs job site safety compliance inspections including hazard analyses and safe work procedures, and prepares written reports and recommendations.

Adhere to the contractor’s HSE Project documentation and Company requirements.

Communication Skills: You must also have training, knowledge and ability in your specialty, and have the ability to communicate fluently in English

Location: Mainly Khobar, and willing to move to remote area (Jafurah/ South Ghawar) based on business need